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  • Do you avoid taking shirtless pictures or avoid taking your shirt off in public?
  • Are you unsatisfied about how you look in the mirror when you wake up in the morning?
  • Have you tried to lose the weight in the past only to fail and give up because you didn't see any results?
  • Are you sick and tired of looking, poking and prodding your love handles, lower back fat or unsightly belly button fat?
  • Are you fed up with “trying to get in shape” but never having the time or step by step program to make things simple and easy?
Well, you're not alone if you answered yes to at least one of these questions.  
Read every below to discover a power step by step system you can use to rid yourself of belly fat.. 

Dear Reader

If you’d like to see your abs for the first time...then this will be the most important piece of information you come across today...

In just a minute, I’m going to give you some very simple tricks that allowed me to finally see my abs...Then get to 10% body fat without endless hours of running or EVER stepping foot on a treadmill...

And how you’ll be able to do the same no matter your genetics or if you have a slow metabolism...

My story isn’t some “overnight success” but rather 6 years of misery and frustration…

Until I cracked the “ab code” after reading a rare article, that explained what a German doctor called the “Hormone Hypothesis.”

You’ll discover how to manipulate your "master fat regulator hormone" and how to shift your metabolism so it torches your stubborn belly fat for fuel throughout the day...

Allowing you to look ripped, muscular and jaw-dropping when you take your shirt off...

So If You’re Done With

  • Seeing a layer of fat over your abs
  • Slaving away on a treadmill
  • Eating nothing but grilled chicken and broccoli
  • Starving yourself in an attempt to “get ripped!”
  • Spending money on supplements you know deep down do not work...

Then Commit 3 Minutes & Discover How To Hack Your Master Fat Storing Hormone, Build Your Alpha Male Body and Carve Out Lean Defined Abs Without A Treadmill That Will Have Some Women Begging To Feel Your Ripped, Muscular Midsection...

Now who am I and why should you listen to anything I have to say?

My name is Luis Diaz and for years, I wanted to be lean, ripped and muscular...And I craved for the swagger and confidence that comes with an ultra lean physique...To walk up to any girl and within minutes, have her addicted to me.

But sadly, this never happened. For years, I was told AND followed the advice in the magazines.

Stuff like :

  • You have to bulk, then cut...
  • You need slow cardio to peal off the last few layers of fat...
  • Eat 5 to 6 small meals a day to stoke your metabolism...
  • You must do cardio in a fasted state to burn fat not muscle...
  • Just go low carb and you’ll get ripped...
  • Don’t eat carbs at night or they’ll be stored as fat...
  • Avoid fruit because it’s full of sugar…
  • Avoid intervals because they burn up muscle tissue…
  • Plus more than I can think of...

So for 6 years I followed this advice and spun my wheels. I lost muscle, gained fat and dealt with shameful, embar-rassing libido problems.

Literally, every time I’d try to get lean, I would burn through pounds of muscle. While my hunger would skyrocket, my sex drive would die, and my energy levels would plummet...

Over and over again I ran into this wall.

Even though I was “eating clean” and having five to six meals a day. It didn’t matter. I couldn’t get rid of the last few crucial pounds.

Even when I added more cardio or cut my carbs to zero…My dreams of having a lean, ripped body always felt “just” out of reach. Like a carrot dangling in front of horse.

That’s when I would switch gears and go back to “bulking mode.” But each time, I’d gain more fat than muscle. In fact, the longer I kept up this cycle, the faster my body would pile on the fat. I’d swell up like a water balloon ready to burst any moment.

But that wasn’t even the worst part:

I became a super asshole to my girlfriend of 4 years towards the end of this cycle. The frustration with my body image showed in how I treated here, awkward sex and fighting. It was a living hell.

And what I didn’t know was the endless cardio, constant “clean eating” and advice I was following was the real culprit. Because it was doing more than just killing my sex life, relationships and turning my life into a living hell physically and emotionally….

It was causing hormonal changes I didn’t know about until now...

My Sex Drive Was On Life Support
My Testosterone Had
Flatlined And...


The end - November 14th 2013…

I remember like it was yesterday. There I stood after 90 minutes of killing myself. Staring in the mirror, completely shocked when I compared the pictures from 8 weeks till that point in time…I was ready to break the damn mirror with my fists…I was done.

8 Weeks - Soft, Bloated & Stuck Between 17-19% Body Fat


So for 6 months after arguably the most depressing day of my life, I didn't step near the girlfriend of 4 years left me for another guy, I lost the little muscle I had build, I started drinking and partying more to cover up the pain and felt like giving up completely, I realized during this extreme low point in my life that I had to make some serious changes immediately and find the answer to my fat loss and muscle building problems...

But during this time, I started to search for the answers to body problems and to my depression. It soon became an obsession. I was dying to find out answers...

Like why my sex drive was worse than a 90 year old man coughing up dust... Why I could never get ripped or see crazy definition in my body despite doing everything right...

And why I always hit a wall when I needed to lose the last 10-15 pounds...

I Honestly thought I was sick or had a genetic defect

I figured I had some kind of medical problem. Whether that was a gluten allergy, naturally low testosterone, low thyroid levels, or Type I Diabetes...

But that’s when I came across this…The Hormone Hypothesis. This century old forgotten concept was created by a German internist named Gustav Von Bergman before WWII but vanished after the war.

The Hormone Hypothesis is very important because you can use its principles to see your abs for the first time...OR get down to single digit body fat levels. Whatever you prefer.

And you won’t have to eat 5-6 meals per day, kill yourself on a treadmill, or forbid yourself from ever eating your favorite foods again with friends and family. If you’ve ever followed this conventional advice and found it damn near impossible to get rid of the last 10 to 15 pounds, you know what I’m talking about.

That’s why you must keep reading…

In a few minutes I’m going to show you how to manipulate The Hormone Hypothesis so your body burns pure body fat and nothing else...Even when you’re sitting on the couch and watching TV.
Now here’s how conventional fat loss advice goes against the Hormone Hypothesis and why it’s so hard for you to get in shape.

Problem #1

Hormone Malfunction:

Here’s the thing…. Your hormones control everything. From hunger signaling to, fat storage, to your ability to access your stored fat for fuel. If they’re out of balance, you’re never going to get lean and you're likely just adding layers and layers of more even more fat over your ab and midsection.

Now there’s numerous hormones interacting with cell receptor sites all over your body but based on the The Hormone Hypothesis to burn fat 24/7 the first one is and most important one considered to be the master by nutrition experts is insulin…

Fat Storage Facts

  • When you eat foods that spike insulin (NOT just sugary foods) your pancreas releases this hormone. This hormone sends a signal to either the muscle, liver or fats cells to soak up that sugar…

  • If you’re above 10% body fat, You have a higher chance this sugar will be stored as fat and not used as fuel for your muscles or liver…

  • The more body fat you have the harder it is to maintain healthy testosterone levels.

  • If you are constantly eating and digesting food (i.e. 6 meals a day) you’re spiking insulin and shutting off fat metabolizing hormones like glucagon and growth hormone.  You're running off sugar all day and not allowing your body to use the stored fat sitting in your gut as fuel...Basically turning you into a into a fat storing machine...

Here’s what you NEED to know…

  • Your body can’t tap into stored fat when insulin is high in your blood stream. High insulin blocks your fat burning hormones from using stored fat as fuel.
  • Insulin is the key hormone that regulates fat accumulation. If you can manipulate it in your favor, you win the fat loss game.
  • The “eating clean” strategy is great if you have more than 30+ pounds to lose BUT to get abs, you’re going to beat metabolic adaptations.
  • Eating the wrong foods before a workout can shut down crucial fat burning hormones like glucagon, cortisol, growth hormone and adrenalin. Rendering your fat burning workouts useless.
  • Conventional advice about meal frequency (eating 5 to 6 meals a day) and “heathy snacking” keeps insulin high and shuts down these key fat burning hormones from working their magic.

The Carb Shifting Window Protocol

The CSW is a simple trick to eat foods you wouldn’t find in your typical diet (like pancakes, cookies, burgers etc) to help you build

More Lean Muscle and Not Get Stored as Fat.

Following this simple nutrition trick allows key fat burning hormones like glucagon, cortisol, growth hormone and adrenaline to burn fat during the day and DURING WORKOUTS without being shut down by insulin.

This allows you to STILL enjoy foods you love on a regular basis.

Just think of insulin as a bus that carries passengers (sugar in this case from your favorite carbohydrates) to 3 different stops.

  • #1. Muscle cells
  • #2. Fat cells
  • #3. Liver cells

Depending on your body fat levels and insulin sensitivity. the sugar will be delivered to muscle, liver or fat cells. But most of the time if you’re above 10% body fat, it’ll be stored as fat. However, The Carb Shifting Window takes advantage of a metabolic state where you can shift the ability to store energy in your muscle cells and much less in fat cells. Enjoying your carbs during this time and making your body a fat-burning machine for the rest of the day…

This “shifting window” allows you to consume your favorite high carb meals like you were born with the rare ability to eat tons of carbs and never store them around your midsection.

Does this CSW thing actually work in real life?

After weeks, days and countless hours plowing through research, studying, learning and obsessing over how hormones play a huge role is cracking single digit body fat, I felt the need urge to give it a go once again.

Armed with a better understanding how insulin works, I got back in the gym…And that’s when things took off…Random guys would come up to me (after I started using this protocol) and asked what I was doing to get lean WHILE getting bigger...

Then I gave this one tip to my friend Luke. Here’s what it did….

Why Does The Carb Shifting Window
Work So Well?

  • Fuels muscle growth with delicious, former “forbidden” foods while getting effortlessly lean...
  • Helps maintain your precious testosterone levels...
  • Maximizes anacabolism before, during and after your workouts...
  • Keeps your muscle bellies sleeve-splitting full...
  • Decreases muscle soreness and recovery time...

The CSW protocol allows your body to become HYPER-ANABOLIC. Giving you the chance to build muscle while you burn fat.Something that’s almost impossible unless you take steroids or are a genetic freak.

But it’s not the only thing you can do to get ultra lean or see your abs for the first time in your life.You see, there’s a natural metabolic phenomena that keeps most guys from getting ripped (like it did with me for 6 frustrating years)... And even prevent you from seeing just a “two pack” no matter how low you cut your calories.

Problem #2

This happened to me over and over. Each time I got to a certain level of body fat, my metabolic rate would adapt and change. Which left me hungry, tired and depressed from a lack of results. If you’ve ever been stuck at a fat loss plateau, this is why….Metabolic adaptation is the #1 ROADBLOCK in your way to achieve the perfect body…And cutting your calories lower each time will only cause problems like:

  • Sacrificing lean muscle = Looking skinny fat
  • Suppressed anabolic hormones = Goodbye sex drive
  • Suppressed leptin = Uncontrollable hunger
  • Chronically high cortisol = Hello spare tire
  • Thyroid issues = Slowed metabolism

Solution : Metabolic-Nutrient Cycling

Revive your sluggish metabolism using advanced nutrient cycling to optimize fat loss and muscle mass.

Metabolic Nutrient Cycling provides specific nutrients when you’re anabolic and primed for maximum muscle growth PLUS drops in belly fat. Why this results in more fat loss and muscle mass without traditional cardio? With Metabolic-Nutrient Cycling, you….

#Defeat Metabolic Adaptation: Smart nutrient cycling forces your metabolism to remain high so you kill pounds of stubborn fat at the same rate for months without hitting a roadblock.

#Give Your Metabolism The Advantage: By following this simple protocol, you take advantage of the HYPER-ANABOLIC times during the day while also allowing you to build muscle and burn fat like clockwork.

#Surge Your Fat-Melting Hormones: Mobilize stored belly fat as fuel during your workouts and day instead of running on sugar and burning through hard earned muscle.

#Turn Your Metabolism Into A Weapon Of Fat-Burning Destruction: Finally turn your stored energy (fat) into a powerful weapon to fuel your day and your workouts. You’ll no longer run on sugar and never eat through precious muscle tissue.

Combining These 2 Techniques Was Like Rocket Fuel For My Metabolism

After 6 years of making the same mistakes over and over again, I finally cracked the code. Within a few short months, I looked better with more definition than almost 2,000 days worth of training I put my body through. Not even counting the countless hours of cooking and weighing my foods for crappy results over that time frame.

But when I discovered the magical fat loss properties behind the Carb Window Shifting Protocol and Metabolic-Nutrient Cycling which helped to rebuild my sluggish metabolism, the transformation was night and day.

Within weeks I could feel my libidio rise up from the dead while my strength steadily improved every single week. Plus, I was spending less time in the gym, no time on the treadmill and more time being social and eating the foods I love.

Just imagine eating your favorite high carb meals and your body uses these foods for fuel instead of being stored as fat? It’s possible and achievable even if you believe your genes suck or you have a slow metabolic rate like I had. And believe me, I’ll never go back to the old way of doing things and neither will my clients. So let’s recap everything so we’re both on the same page:

#Stop Spiking Your Insulin

High insulin levels completely shut down key hormones like HGH, cortisol, adrenaline and glucagon...Which all help your body burn stubborn fat. And if your insulin is high 24/7, you’re not burning fat. You’re more likely storing it.

#Stop Doing Muscle Eating Cardio Workouts

You don’t need traditional cardio to get lean and mean. Traditional cardio only eats away precious muscle tissue. Leaving you skinny fat and not muscular or ripped.

#Stop Guessing With Your Diet

Aimlessly slashing out calories left and right only destroys your metabolism and sends your testosterone levels into the gutter.

When You Avoid These Mistakes Your Body Becomes Primed For Growth & Change

#1: Your Body Becomes Optimized For Lean, Muscle Gains

When you’re at a lower body fat, your insulin sensitivity is increased allowing you to eat more carbs and not get fat. Your body is able to use those carbs towards packing on lean muscle instead of storing them in your gut.

20 pounds lighter but you look
10x more muscular.

#2: You Look BIGGER And More Masculine

The less fat covering up your muscles, the bigger and better you’ll look. You don’t need a Pubmed study to realize this.

Even ripped guys who have less muscle actually look bigger in photos because there’s no fat in the way of a pumped muscle ready to burst out the skin.

Not to mention the V-Taper you’ll develop when you shrink and tighten your waistline. Putting you in a league above the rest. Especially when you take your shirt off in front of others…

#3: Unshakable Confidence In Your Physique

Approaching the woman of your dreams, nailing that presentation at work, and becoming more outgoing with the opposite sex while showing your real personality is something you’re going to love. Especially when you have the body to back it up.

Listen, not being proud of who you are because of your physique will hold you back in life. You owe it to yourself to live an epic life and transforming your physique is the first step to get there.

#4: You’ll Actually See Progress

Are actually making progress? Or is the yellow lighting in the bathroom fooling you? When your lean enough to see muscle fibers and muscle bellies seeing weekly progress is simple.

#5: Build True Strength, Not Puffy Fat

It's easy to be “strong” when you eat like a 300 lb powerlifter But if you want to get to single digit body fat or see your abs for the first while developing brute strength and lean muscle then you’re in the right place.

Your Total Body Transformation Is Right Around The Corner

What’s taken me 6 years to understand you can have right now. An entire blue print laid out for you using both the Carb Shiting Window Protocol and Prime-Base Day Cycling to rebuild your metabolism and turn your body into a fat-burning machine.

Consider this a special time in history because before, this information was hard to come by and the only way you could get it was to be a personal coaching client of mine.

But I felt guilty for keeping this to myself and clients. So I made it available for the world. Men everywhere are getting amazing results by using the information on this page and now it’s your turn.


It's the only plan, specifically designed for men looking to get ripped or see their abs for the first time without struggling, starving, or killing themselves.

The science of the 8% Body Fat Blueprint is a unique combination of barbell and free weight training staples from the greatest bodies of all time and a powerful nutrition and strategy that force your body to shed fat and gain strength using specific protocols to maximize fat loss and training recovery.

The same protocols I used to finally get in the best shape of my life after 6 years of quiet, desperate failure.

And the best part is the 8% Body Fat Blueprint will work for you whether you want more energy, muscle mass, strength, more testosterone, a higher sex drive or less belly fat. Heck, even if you want all the above, it's possible and achievable starting today.

You won't need to count your carbs, starve yourself or perform hours of muscle-wasting cardio. You don't even need to “diet” to get results. You can still have a social life and enjoy your favorite foods.

In fact, I programmed this entire simple system, to work for any guy, no matter his age, genetics newbie or gym rat…

The 8% Body Fat System will give you the results you desire and deserve.

Component #1: The 8% Body Fat Training Execution guide

How you train is as important as what exercises you use. The execution manual ensures how you train and what you're doing in the gym is going to give you the best return on your time. The training flow, execution, specifics on intensity, rest, sets and reps when applied properly will force your body to use stored fat while creating a massive ANABOLIC signal to your hormonal system. Shock your body with a new stimulus and unlock new muscle growth. Avoid plateaus in your training with a progressing training approach. No Bosu balls or treadmills needed. Sculpt your six pack and entire body with real training.

The Training here is a Different kind of Animal. In the Training Execution Guide we Break Down..

  • How to use P.E.T.S. (post exhaustion tension sets) for massive
    metabolic stress and maximal muscle growth to create
    hormonal SURGE after every workout
  • How to elicit massive fat loss and more muscle growth with
    Density Circuit Session (DCS) Training instead of wasting
    hours on a treadmill.
    These are 10 to 15 minutes workouts that
    are brief but brutal.
  • 5 Density circuit sessions to train anywhere with any kind of
    equipment with bodyweight, dumbbells, kettlebells or barbells.
  • The ultimate fat loss strategy we use in phase 3 call “ the beyond
    density final phase fat loss”protocol to peel the last layer fat off
    your lower abs and back.
  • Customized training splits for more advanced lifters who require
    more training frequency
  • 8 Full weeks of progressive strength training workouts.
  • FAQ for answers to all your hard questions.

Accelerating fat loss and lean muscle mass takes a variety of different training variables. Training in higher rep ranges will not challenge your type II muscle fibers but training with low reps and heavy weight will not causes enough metabolic stress.

Failure to use both strategies with the right exercises and execu-tion means you’re leaving fat sitting over your abs and pounds of lean muscle gains on the table.The execution guide ensures you're armed with the right game plan every training session.

Component #2: Printable Blueprint Training Program and Density Training Logs

print and go workout sheet for tracking training
Progress Like a Pro. Your Exact Exercises are Laid Out ready to go for each Phase, Week and Session.

  • Multi phase printable templates for tracking progress
  • Customized PETS sessions included for each workout to target specific areas each workout.
  • Video demos for key execution of select exercises
  • Training and exercise variables for each workout for detailed execution of every program.

Component #3: The 8% Blueprint Nutrition Guide

To transform your body from average to amazing your nutrition is paramount to your success. Making sure you're optimizing the right hormones to access storage fat for energy and creating an anabolic FLOOD during the optimal window will decide your fate.

The 8% blueprint nutrition guide breaks down EVERYTHING you need to make sure you’re crushing each element of the plan. From the most optimal foods to use for breakfast, lunch and dinner to the master guide for meal pairing and sample combinations for

Here’s what you’ll learn

We go into detail to spell out the exact
rules to follow for reaching a lean,
3D popping abs, no guessing, no stressing.

  • The 5 rules of how to train, eat, recover, and how certain hormones are RAMPED UP during training when following the protocols inside.
  • How to maximize the right hormones pre and post workout for surging energy in the gym and stripping off fat instead of storing it.
  • Sample pre and post training meals.
  • Exact foods to AVOID to create the optimal hormonal fat metabolizing environment
  • Print and go lists for both base and prime days.
  • The 13 reasons why getting too lean “stage shredded” can actually destroy your body if you do things the wrong way.
  • Exactly what to do step by step to get yourself unstuck from a certain body fat level.
  • How to use your favorite foods like burgers, pancakes and other“bad” foods for drug like effects on muscle gains.
  • My best pre workout meals and supplements for eliciting better muscle gains, energy,neural drive and torching stored fat during every workout.

Component #4: The 8% Quick Start Guide

In less than 30 minutes you will be ready to start the program. The quick start and videos walk you through the process of setting up your nutrition, training, and provides all the tool and calculators to get you up and running within the hour.

The quick start guide gives you the shortcut to getting everything your need to start within 60 mins..

  • The customized calculator to find your LEAN OUT nutrition numbers for both prime and base daysto start shredding fat and ramping up calories at peak anabolic states.
  • Don’t know what to put on the bar for a particular exercise? Using the rep max estimator, you caneliminate ANY and ALL guessing whenit comes to how much you need to load the bar with in your next workout. Simply enter how much you can lift in pounds and the for how many reps and BOOM. Your estimated reps and poundage are done for you.
  • Start today with a sample meal plan for the day
  • The 56 day Training/Nutrition Calendar
  • The baseline metrics step by step setup instructions
  • Nutrition calculator how to video
  • Sample carb shifting meal for your next workout.

Component #5: The Ultimate Strategic Supplements Guide For Faster Results In The Gym

This guide lays out the 3 pronged approach to optimizing fat loss both during training and perfecting training recovery to jumpstart the rebuilding process. I hear this from my clients all the time “supplements are confusing as hell, how do I know which ones are actually worth the money?” I totally get it.

There’s tons of brands out there claiming they’re “backed by research” but when you try them, you hardly notice a difference in your body and how you feel in the gym.Get the facts, exact brands and products you need for unleashing lean solid muscle and tearing away fat from your gut.

  • 3 Customized pre workout formulas for strength, focus and efficient fat loss during training.
  • The secret post training supplement formula “PT8” used exclusively for the Carb Shifting Window to promote anabolism and defeat catabolism.
  • The optimal 8 must have supplements for upgrading your, metabolism muscle growth, cognitive performance and your gut. For a completely optimized, clean running body inside and out..
  • My best protein sources alternatives no meat/dairy eaters. (vegan/vegetarians)
  • My secret list of “ insulin sensitivity enhancers.” A short list of key supplements that enhance your body's ability to store glucose in muscle cells and NOT fat cells.
  • The carefully picked handful of tested, stringent no BS supplements companies I support and use myself.
  • FAQ guide for your most frequent supplements questions answered in detail.

Component #6: Step By Step Exercise Demo and Workout Videos!

All the density sessions have been recorded as a FREE bonus to make sure you know how to nail every density session for striping off the final few pounds. You get an all access pass to nailing your training and density sessions plus a several Six Pack Ab Video Exercise Execution Videos!

  • Complete guide to density circuit sessions for massive fat loss without a treadmill
  • Step by step video guide instructions for Post Exhaustion Tension Sets
  • Video exercise demos for the targeted abs exercises for your serratus, and obliques.

Here’s More Of What You’ll Get
Inside The 8% Body Fat Blueprint

  • Why traditional cutting diets will crush your testosterone levels and energy in the bedroom...
  • How to create the ultimate pre workout concoction for laser focus and surging energy in the gym.
  • Exact foods to AVOID that trick your body into storing fat while zapping your strength in the gym...
  • My favorite protocol that turns cheeseburgers and cheesecake into slabs of dense, rock hard muscle with zero visible fat gain...
  • My “lazy man method" to burn fat around the clock...even when you’re sitting on the couch watching TV...on your off days
  • The science of Carb-Shifting Windows that create a HYPER-ANABOLIC environment inside of your body...
  • 1 simple trick to shut off your fat-storing genes for good...
  • How this little known “HGPF” fat burning protocol makes getting ripped easier than riding a bike...
  • The 15 Minute Muscle Miracle that targets belly fat and neutralizes it like a heat-seeking missile...
  • The “Anabolic Jumpstart” trick that causes a flood of testosterone to enter your bloodstream while blocking the production of cortisol...
  • Your very own tailor made, nutrition cycling protocol designed for optimal gains in lean muscle mass...
  • What to eat and when to eat for extreme, effortless fat loss...
  • The final phase fat loss protocol that will take you from a two-pack to an 8-pack in no time...without starving yourself or cutting your carbs down to zero...
  • 8 weeks of fat torching workouts to completely shock your body for massive change.
  • The game changing 120 second training technique for creating a huge growth hormone surge while priming your muscle cells for growth...
  • Plateau smashing tactics to completely shock your body for massive change for blasting past any roadblocks that might come your way...
  • The only supplements I personally use to get ultra lean in weeks... and what to avoid so you never waste your money again...
  • A customized nutrition and body fat calculator for LASER like precision to perfect your 8% Nutrition Strategy
  • How to get ripped and lean even if you’re busy or working 40+ hours per week...
  • The pre-workout nutrition myth explained and what foods actually shut down fat loss before you even step in the gym.

If You’re Tired Of Spinning Your Wheels In The Sand - The 8% Body Fat System Is For You

You see, I remember what it was like to struggle for 6 years barely noticing results. Going from fat to skinny fat over and over again while my testosterone levels, libido and psyche suffered. Heck, even my girlfriend left me because of my body issues. It’s not fun, but luckily for you, I’ve already made all the mistakes. That’s why the 8% Body Fat System will transform your physique in weeks. You’ll wakeup everyday to brand new changes in the mirror.

And the best part is you won’t have to keep following the traditional ways of doing things.You won’t have to run for hours, and you won’t have to follow a rigid chicken and broccoli bro diet.

Everything inside the 8% Body Fat System is tailor made for your own body because in the end, each human being carries a specific genetic code. That’s why cookie cutter routines and diets don’t work long term and I’m willing to bet, haven’t worked for you either.

Just imagine for a second..

Getting out of bed and walking to the bathroom...Flipping on the lights only to see your paper thin, vascular physique staring back at you...With abs so cut and deep, you could fit a quarter in between your abdominal muscles.

But that’s just the beginning. Imagine how you’re going to look in clothes? Your chiseled body will be rippling through your shirts...

Complete with capped shoulders, a button-popping chest, sleeve-splitting arms that all tie into a tight midsection the opposite sex can’t help but feel and touch.

Now what’s that going to do for your confidence? I can’t tell you how mine has changed since I’m no longer going around in circles while staying at this lean weight all year round.Your confidence will surge and knows where that can take you…

Maybe you’ll have the confidence to go and say hi to that beautiful girl who keeps looking your way…

Or maybe your body language will exude sex appeal, she’ll be compelled to come up to you! And you can’t forget how much better your health will become. Your anabolic hormones will remain high while your fat burning metabolism fires on all cylinders. This ensures your psyche remains positive and upbeat. You can have it all starting today…

The 8% Body Fat System Is The
Only One Of It's Kind….

Something that not only gets you in great shape, but a system that can optimize your hormones during your training and recovery periods. Becoming an 8% Blueprint graduate means you could experience more energy, less daytime fatigue, and more fun while your body effortlessly melts away stubborn fat and you build noticeable, head-turning muscle.

So here's the deal, because you're reading this page let me hook you up. Over the years, I've perfected the 8% Body Fat System with clients and on myself.

You’ll be getting the complete system that’s taken 6 years for me to figure out.

And when I first put everything online, I charged hundreds of $$$ for online clients to get a 8 week complete program like this…

And that was for all 8 weeks of workouts and nutrition programming.

Which guys happily paid because of the results they received from the program. Men who failed in the past, finally were able to see their abs for the first time...

However, because I wanted to open up this opportunity to everyone, I've condensed everything into a simple, step by step system.

I took out all the fluff and decided to only give you the good stuff. The specific action steps, videos, workouts, recipes and supplements like I'm right there with you the entire time that will take you from A to B. That will give you the most amazing, total body transformation in the shortest time frame possible.

That’s Why I’m Willing To Bet I Know A Few Things About You

You want to see your abs for the first time in your life. A complete six pack that you’ll be proud to show off. You’re tired of struggling. You want real results and you want them fast.

You’re tired of slaving away in the gym, doing cardio, wasting money on supplements and you’re ready to cut through the B.S. and finally get results.

If all of this is true, then I want to give you a deal. You see, I’m not a rich guy. I’ve struggled and worked hard for everything I have in this world. From money to my body. It’s not easy. So I know what it’s like to want something so bad...that you want to jump but fear or doubt hold you back.

Well listen, I’ve been there before. I understand. I get it. That’s why I’m willing to make this an absolute no-brainer for you. I want you to have zero excuses to grab the entire 8% Body, Fat System right now. So for today only on this page, you can get the entire system for the low, low price of $37


Get Ripped, Build Muscle, Stay Strong Or Your Money Back

Listen man - I’m not happy unless you’re happy. That’s why you’re protected by my double your money back guarantee. When you follow the simple, yet powerful 8% Body Fat System, I guarantee you’ll drop pounds of body fat while building muscle and even preserving your strength. If you follow the plan, put in the work and after the program, you’re not completely satisfied, just let me know right here and I’ll be happy to refund your entire investment. Just prove to me you did the workouts and actually gave it an honest chance for at a MINIMUM of 20 consecutive days. If you can do that and you don’t get results I’ll send you a check for double what you paid. No strings. No hassles.

Bonus Gift #1: 30 Fat Simple Burning Recipes + The 5 Minute Ripped Snacks Guide

Simple, quick recipes to get lean without dreading another piece of grilled chicken. The 8% Body Fat Chef is filled with easy recipes for getting lean, staying lean and amplifying muscle gain during peak anabolic periods. You’ll get...

  • 30 Simple delicious easy recipes for both carb shifting and base days.
  • 8 Of the Ultimate Morning Coffee Recipes (every coffee lover will enjoy these)
  • 5 Minute Ripped Snacks Guide (in a hurry and don’t know what to bring? I’ve got you covered)
  • 9 Brain & Energy Supporting Meals Ideas (9 proven meals to enhance your cognitive performance for more focus and steady energy for work, training and life.

Bonus Gift #2: The Complete 4 Weeks To Six Pack Domination Workout Program

Just having abs isn’t impressive if they don’t POP. If your abs lack size and development, this is going to be a game changer for you. This 4 week ab blitz can be done on your off days or after your workouts. This 3 pronged approach uses strength, hypertrophy and bodyweight exercises to carve out the finer details that will make your midsection stand out and not get lost in the crowd.

  • 10 FREE exercise demo videos
  • Develop 3D definition in the bottom row of your six pack.
  • Carve out a fully developed serratus anterior the “lady finger muscles”
  • Lash out a razor sharp set of obliques.

These are the marks of a guy who knows how to train his abs, not just look lean. The Six Pack Specialization training program has you completely covered with different workouts and new exercises you’ve never even HEARD OF. Bonus demo videos on specific new exercises for perfect form without guessing or searching all over youtube. Unique little known exercises for hitting the obliques, serratus and lower abs.

  • Day 1 - Strength Focus Six Pack Training
  • Day 2 - Brutal Abdominal Hypertrophy
  • Day 3 - Ultimate Obliques and Serratus Specialization

Bonus Gift #3: The 72 hour Complete Cheat Meal Survival Guide

Life happens and I know you’re going to cheat on your diet somewhere along the way. So I’ve created a step by step game plan that has you covered when social events, holidays and get togethers come up.

This 72 hour cheat meal survival guide goes over exactly how to play it smart, be prepared, and use simple effective tactics & strategies to control the game.

The bulletproof plan lays out how to train, eat and what to do to make sure you can still take part in social events and wild parties while not ruining your progress on your way to leaning out and seeing your six pack for the first time.

Here’s everything you’re going to get…

  • The cheat meal prevention training session to make room for more calories in your MUSCLES not your fat cells.
  • An easy to use Intermittent Fasting protocol to burn excess calories.
  • My approved alcoholic drinks that won’t put a dent in your waistline
  • 7 insulin hacks for increasing insulin sensitivity and avoid excess fat gain…

Bonus Gift #4: Life Style Customization Templates

  • Do you Work INSANELY long hours during the week?
  • Do you Want to Get Ripped For Your Upcoming Wedding?
  • Are you a complete beginner or returning from a long layoff from the gym?
  • The customization guideslay out the specific detailed adjustments to make for EACH of these separate scenarios.3 separate 8 week training and diet guides that LAY OUT EXACTLY HOW TO TRAIN AND EAT to fit youschedule .

Find The Perfect Workout Plan With These 3 BONUS Versions of The 8% Body Fat Blueprint System.

  • Weekend Warrior Set Up Template
  • The 6-week aggressive approach for getting lean on short notice.
  • The Minimalist Lean & Strong 3 days a Week Template.

Life happens and I know you’re going to cheat on your diet somewhere along the way. So I’ve created a step by step game plan that has you covered when social events, holidays and get togethers come up.

Enter The Single Digit Body Fat Club

Old or young, 25 pounds overweight or trying to lose the last 10, if you follow the exact plan I’ve laid out for you in the 8% Body Fat System, put in the work and stay consistent. You’ll see noticeable results in your body.  You won’t believe the change in your physique. How much fat your body is burning through and brand new muscle tone bursting through your skin. You’ll look great whether covered up or half naked at the pool or beach. Plus, you confidence will be through the roof.

It’ll be contagious on those around you. They won’t be able to help themselves. Men will want to be you and women will want to hang around you.

I know you’re reading this because you’re not satisfied with being average and if you didn’t believe it was possible, then you wouldn’t be here. The fact you’re here is a sign you know you can do it and you’re ready to start. You just need the direction and the right strategy to get you there.

The 8% Body fat Blueprint lays out the strategy and walks you through your journey in plain English. It’ll be like I’m right there with you the entire time. Plus you’ll have unlimited email support whenever you have a question or need some motivation. I’m here for you if you need any help.


it’s time you to make a choice

Right now at this point,
you only have two options.

Option 1 is not do a single thing. Keep going to the gym and doing the same workout. The same cardio routine. Eating the same foods. So yea, you can keep doing all of that. But, if you haven’t made progress in awhile, then what makes you think doing the same things will cause your body to change?

Now close your eyes and fast forward months from now while you follow the same routine...

How do you look? What’s your body fat? Do you have more muscle? Or just MORE fat? My guess, you’ll probably look the same. Wasting all that time, sweat, reps and money.

So what are you thinking? Do you still want to go down this route? The path to no results. The path to a body that looks the same? To a guy who doesn’t even look like he works out in clothes or when he takes his shirt off?

I don’t know about you, but that seems like a heck of a lot of time and energy wasted for zero results. Or maybe you're ready to kick things into gear because you’re tired of looking the same?

If so, keep reading because that’s why I created the The 8% Body Fat Blueprint. Using the strategiesin this program you’ll get lean and stay lean by learning how to train and manipulate your diet to KEEP your brand new awesome physique.

Which brings us to option 2 - the smart and savvy choice. Are you ready to take the way you look to the next level?

Are you ready to stop guessing...To Get serious...And get th fastpass to a ripped six pack, slabs of head-turning muscle and crazy confidence?

Look, I hated figuring this crap out for myself. It took years, reps, blood, sweat, tears and thousands of bucks to carve out the blue print.

If you’re like me, you like to cut out the B.S. and get straight to the point and that’s what I’m giving you inside the 8% Body Fat System.

If you hate wasting time, guessing and want FASTER results? This is for you. Look, The 8% Bodyfat Blueprint is your “Golden Ticket” to see your abs for the first time...Or get down to a single digit “oh my God look at his stomach” body fat level that cause strangers to stop and stare.

Look, I’ve given everything to you on a silver platter in this article. It’s up to you to take action right now. So are you ready? It’s time for you to go for it... CLICK THE BUY IT NOW BUTTON below right now and I’ll see you on the other side.


To Your Success,
Luis Diaz

P.S. If you want to achieve insane results while your body transforms before your very eyes, click here to get started. I've made everything simple to follow. You can't get lost or confused. And if you do, I'm just an email away to get you back on track. Click the Buy It Now Button below and instantly be on your way to a ripped midsection, more muscle mass, endurance and a heightened sex drive.

P.P.S. Don't forget, you have nothing to lose when you take advantage of this offer today. Remember, you're backed up and protected by an iron clad, 60-day money back guarantee. Go through the system for the next 60 days and just give me your best. That's all I ask.

FAQ : Do I have to run on this program?

There's no running in this program. The density circuit sessions and the final phase fat loss protocol are your new weapons for massive fat loss.

I have about 20-30 pounds to lose.Can I still use this?

If you're coming from a higher body fat percentage I have great news for you …this will mean the initial weight loss will be easier and faster! Of course your journey to getting a six pack will obviously be longer than someone with less weight to lose. However you can still do this program if you have more than 20+ pounds to lose.

Can women do this program?

Women can do this program. The training and nutrition protocols in The 8% Body fat Blueprint will work the same for women as it does with men.

I’m a complete beginner and I’m not obese but I have some belly fat to lose is this right for me?

Even though some of the exercises require you to have skill and practice, I made sure there are substitute exercises for you to do. If you have some experience with the the main compound exercises (bench, deadlift, squats, hang cleans) then you’re good.

Do I have To Give Up Delicious Foods On The 8% Body-fat Blueprint?

Hell no, or else I wouldn’t do it. I’m from a restaurant family. My parents own an ITALIAN BAKERY, I literally have access to thousands of cookies, breads, pastas, canolis, cakes, pies, and delicious subs for free 24/7.

I refuse to give up good food. The 8% Body Fat Protocol will show you when and how to use these foods to maximise muscle recovery. Now you can’t just eat a ton of crap and get lean. I don’t endorse that, this program will teach you the best time to enjoy non traditional diet foods and not cut them out completely.

I’m in my 50’s so I’m not what I used to be...but I’m still active. Will this work?

Absolutely. I’ve had people over 50 go through this program. If you’re not a healthy 20 something don’t worry.

Can I do this program at home? Or do I need a gym?

You just need a barbell, dumbbells, plate weights, bench and a place to do pull ups. So a garage with this equipment will work like a charm. The PETS sessions can be done with bodyweight exercises to maximize your pump at the end of the workout.

Do I get a hard copy of the program?

No, this program will be available to you INSTANTLY. The 8% BodyFat Blueprint is a series of ebooks and videos.

How do I know the 8% Body Fat Blueprint is right for me?

I created this program for a few different groups of people….

#1 People who have been training consistently but can’t seem to get the last bit of belly fat off.

#2 Beginners with some lifting experience ready to kick it up a notch or people coming back from a layoff from the gym who are ready to get serious.

#3 Advanced trainees who want a challenge that's different from their norm.

What if it doesn’t work for me?

If you put in the work, follow the system then I doubt this will happen but lets say it does.

No worries I’ll double your money. Just prove to me that you stuck it out and gave it an honest try. I only want happy customers and I’ll be happy to refund you 2x what you paid. Just prove to me you did the workouts, put in the time and actually gave it an honest chance.



The 8 percent body fat blueprint is a completely downloadable series of e-manuals and digital videos files. No physical products will be shipped to you. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download all product components onto your computer (no waiting or shipping costs!). The format for all manuals, workbooks, checklists, etc, is Adobe Acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

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